Tins of Gin, Street Food and Backgammon is exactly how I want to spend everyweekend…

Sandwich Watch! Where the Monkey Sleeps – Been treating myself to far too many gid sandwiches pre holiday. This one was a Thai Chicken and Coconut Bap. #nomnom

The Obscure Couture Army AKA “Glasgow Fashion Mafia” took a wee trip through to the Capital for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival Opening Gala. Don’t think the East Coast was ready for aw that colour….

The stunning reveal inside Edinburgh’s Mansfield Traquar, location for the EIFF Opening Gala and Clements Ribeiro show.

I’m not too gid at al this insta-video malarkey – I’m thinking as my phone is the now considered old school iPhone4 the poor thing cant handle all the excitement and crashes! The Clements Ribeiro show was incredible – stand out pieces for me? The Silver Winkle pikers and Pointed Collars with Appliques.

The Outfit: Worth all the stress. Betty haul’d ass up to OC headquarters for a highly anticipated rummage after falling in love with the ENTIRE new collection from the Glasgow Boss’s themselves. Now, I’m not usually one to show ma knees never mind my bum after much convincing I opted for their transparent skater skirt, Zara Shoes and Topshop sale top. Strutting in Obscurity never fails to make you feel invincible.


Family Photae by the amazing Tibor Galamb


Nothing but Class in Tins – Myself and the Lovely Bee Waits captured once again by the ever so talented Tibor Galamb

The next day was the Kiltr Street Food Festival at the Barras BAaD Centre for a night a feedin’.

With Glasgow’s weather hitting an all time high myself and the Mistress Kustard couldnae help getting a bit of meat sweats. Nothing a cider and a side pony couldnae handle though… We stuffed ourselves with a little bit of everything – apart from sadly missing out on the burgers as they flew off the selves like erm…hot pattys…

Not one to miss on a gid night out, Betty and Pals walked doon the Gallagate where Kustard made a new pal and we headed in fur a dance, it’d be rude no tae eh?

Our new pal took a shining to oor Kustard, and even copped a wee feel g’bye! No wan to let a gent down on his first bit a hot sauce, she had tae let the master of sauve batter in! Love at first swatch!

The morning after was the first Sunday ‘off’ for sometime, so decided to spend it like a champion. Playing Backgammon in the park with some Peach Iced Tea and Bikers. Living the Dream….

I’ll leave you with another wee outfit post sporting my new favourite vintage skirt from Beyond Retro on Byres Road. Bargain at just a tenner, worn with Zara Shoes, Viv Westwood Cardi and Plain Grey Tee, perfect for Tuesday Meeting Mania!

Tune in next week with for events including Sloans Street Food Menu Launch, EIFF Future Fashion Show and The Glasgow Vintage Festival! Have a great week!



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  1. Love this skirt from Obscure Couture, to die for! Heading to the futures fashion show next week, so looking forward to it! X

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