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What happens when your baby turns 12? Maybe you’ll throw a party? Buy something special? Well if you’re DFA Records you make a shit hot mini documentary.


Too Old to New, Too New to Be Classic is a predictably perfect title for a new short film about DFA Records. The label that gave us more cowbell has always been upfront about understanding its place in history, and DFA’s decade-plus run of “pure tunes” is still too recent to get the true appreciation it deserves. So rightfully so, DFA thought they would make you aware of that fact! Lasting just over 13 minutes the mini film features music and entertaining interviews from DFA founders James Murphy and Jonathan Galkin as they shed some light on whether DFA is a “dumb fucking acronym for Disco for assholes”, what people look like when they dance to DFA, and have a wee chat with some pals including LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Holy Ghost!, Shit Robot, YACHT to name a few. It was directed by that creepy MTV Catfish guy Matt Joeseph in conjunction with the Red Bull Music Academy and I think he did a blinder of a job!

Most profound thought of the Disco Punk Documentary?

“Peanut butter is the greatest American flavor. It’s the only flavor… the rest of the world they don’t get it. Peanuts. Oh man.”

James Murphy. What a legend.

With some amazing one liners, a crackin playlist and plenty of eye candy for any beard lover this video is a must swatch. Losing their edge? Get tae! What do you think of the mini film?






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