Now I really know how Rocky felt when he made it to the top of those blasted stairs, with every step he was probably stomping down with a love filled hate in his eye…just about the same look I have given this dress for the past 28 days…



DAY 25: Just another Manic Monday

Dess H&M | Top Urban Outfitters | Shoes Office (sale)

Monday I was channelling One Month One Dress does 80’s Aerobics instructor. I picked up this wee top from the Urban sale last winter and goes great on top of everything, its shape went perfectly with the side pony.



Dress H&M | Top H&M £24.99 | Boots H&M

It is incredibly shameful the fact that I am wearing head to toe H&M here. Whoever says they can never find anything in there are just blind. Granted, they are the masters of the peplum and I know some people are not fans, but their take on trends matched with quality is second to none on the highstreet. This was the last peplum’d look for the challenge, I am actually quite looking forward to seeing how many of these I wore in the past month.


DAY 27: Meetings and some tasty SMAC

Dress H&M | Long Sleeve Black Polo Top ASOS | Belt Topshop | Tights New Look (Sale £2) | Boots Office (sale) | Dr Bag Biba

Yesterday I had a few meetings for work and a very important appointment in the evening – the first gathering of the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club (or SMAC) at Sloans. I met Bee Waits and some friends for a night of eating not one, but FOUR KINDS of macaroni cheese. I am a fan of the Sloans original (topped in bacon of course) but I must say I’m gonna give a wee Tex Mex a try at home as soon as the wife gets off her bloody Vegan trip for lent. SMAC is a monthly event in Sloans now so keep an eye out for the next one late March, my food baby said enough for its value for money…


DAY 28: Its Been Emotional…

Dress H&M | Shirt Primark | Harlequin Skirt ASOS | Shoes Office | Biker Jacket H&M

So…28 days, 31 outfits. No bad for a burd who had a mini meltdown the night before the challenge even began! I will do a full rundown in the next few days of all the outfits featured, I would love to know which ones have been your favourite throughout the challenge! A few people have said that they will miss my wee outfit updates (although a few of the boys on my friends list will disagree!) so I may continue with a few outfit posts in the future. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and thanks again to everyone who has donated and sent me messages of support throughout.

My justgiving page will be active for another few days so I can try and pull together as much as physically possible for SANE. So far I have bitch slapped my target of £500 and am sitting around the £750 mark which makes my wee heart burst with peoples generosity. Mind you can also text your donation to BETY90 £X to 70070, and if you want a refresher before the final countdown post then check out the facebook or instagram page.



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  1. You are fab honey loved it sorry I forgot all about donating shame on me big time ..always busy but tomorrow I will def do it proud of you .BIG STAR .kisses and well done xx

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