When I first laid eyes on a Bonnie Bling design you couldn’t wipe the cheeser off my face. A breathe of fresh air in the sea of vintage and make-shifts, there she was…gee’in it laldy! I’m not a huge jewellery wearer. I buy in the hope of wearing, but for some reason I think they weirdly clash with my glecs. But there is one type of jewellery which I always lean towards and thats a bloody good brooch. Here are some of my favourites from the Bling… (priced from £10)


From designer collaborations, celebrity customs, Mary Portas compliments and Scottish Style Award Nominations (YAS) Bonnie Bling is going from strength to strength. Dreamed, designed and hand made in Glasgow within the creative hub of the Hidden Lane, Bonnie’s heading for world domination, but she needs just one thing…She needs to get hersel a laser…


With the growing popularity in custom orders, Bonnie’s needing to get hersel a laser to fire out all your banter as quick and efficiently as possible. To do this, an in house laser is the way forward. This way, who knows what she’ll be churning out next! We all have watched the news, read the papers and seen shops open and close along our high street, we know everyone’s skint, but we have got the opportunity to be apart of a local success story folks!


Help Bonnie Bling reach her £7,000 target by donating to their Crowd Funding page. There is 30 days left to donate, with a Crowd Funding Scheme, it’s an all or nothing kind of deal so even if you are a bit skint till next month, PayPal won’t take yo money till 30 days from now. To reward any form of generosity, each donation will receive a gift depending on the size of the donation, and inviting us all to a laser party when the target is met. Pure. Gid. Deal.


This Tuesday, me and my date Miss Claire Stuart will be getting Bonnie Bling’d oot oor nuts at the Nightwalk’s Spring/Summer Showcase! She will be showing her new collection ‘Doon the Watter’ along with some other major Scottish talent like Obscure Couture, Isolated Hereos and Jennie Loof to name a few! So strut your way doon to the Arches from 8pm to check out some of Scotland’s finest talents including FIVE Scottish Fashion Award Nominees! Tickets sre a tenner and its a one not to miss! Don’t forget to geez a wave and gee that burd a laser!


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