It makes me so happy to say that glasses shopping ain’t what it used to be. The challenge would always be the same; find one pair of glasses to suit all occasions and outfits that you can wear daily for around 1-2 years. It was a nion impossible task that would only rival the likes of jeans or bra shopping, almost every time leaving with some kind of buyers remorse from the style to the colour or the price. Well, that was the case until the glasses Gods answered our eyewear prayers with IOLLA. (Can you hear dem four eyed angels sing?! I sure can!) Solving all the issues from what once was a ‘need to do’ rather than a ‘want to do’ task, IOLLA have allowed eyewear lovers everywhere to create their very own wardrobe of glasses to fit right in with their everyday style. This is my IOLLA story (in selfies).

My first pair - My Muirs
My first pair – My Muirs

Yup’ Founded in Glasgow by Stefan Hunter and Brian McGuire, IOLLA have officially put the fun and affordability into eyewear. Stripping us from that whole ‘one frame suits all’ mantra, IOLLA has finally made it possible for glasses wearers to have some options in our lives. Acting as our eyewear superhero,  IOLLA scoured around the world for the highest quality components to make not just a great pair of glasses, but an affordable pair too. From German hinges, luxury Italian acetate to their homegrown lenses made in Cumbernauld,  IOLLA created a collection of incredibly stylish and high quality specs without the added price tag. With no sales, promotions or discriminations for prescription, (holla!)  all optical, prescription sunwear and polarised sunglasses come in at just £65. Because after all those restrictions growing up, life is too short to not have good eyewear, ahm I right?

My Muirs – Selfie ready in Berlin
My Muirs – Complimenting my head scarf
My Muirs - Through hair cuts
My Muirs – Through hair cuts

So far I have 3 pairs of optical and one pair of sunglasses which fit my daily lifestyle and wardrobe! First up I went with the Muirs in the grey smoke tortoise as they would literally go with everything I, or anyone owns. With the grey, blacks and blues in there – your wardrobes is really your oyster to style them! I am one of those people who hates to be predictable but loves when something works, so on my next trip back to the IOLLA showroom I was in a predicament. It was between two pairs – another Muir in a trusty safe French navy that I knew I’d wear the shit out of, or the clear rimmed, thick cut Ingles which were certainly a bolder but an oh so awesome look. Both me, both beautiful, but only 1 serving the everyday purpose. So what did I do? I got them both and never looked back.

My Muirs - Classic navy to match my mostly blue toned wardrobe
My Muirs – Classic navy to match my mostly blue toned wardrobe
My Muirs - the classic that compliments the quirky
My Muirs – the classic that compliments the quirky
My Muirs - Seeing my puppy for the first time
My Muirs – Seeing clearly (my puppy for the first time)

It’s strange to think back to the way I used to feel about glasses. The way I used to hate them – and myself – for needing them. No matter where I turned, the glasses wearer was always the one who needed a makeover,  the one left dancing alone or sat behind a computer. As an outgoing – somewhat overconfident – child, I felt like I didn’t fit into any of those boxes. But I should have, right? Well that’s what I thought and where essentially my insecurities came from. I wanted my inside to match my outside and for me, that all boiled down to my glasses. Thankfully, things couldn’t be more different today and with brands like IOLLA making eyewear more affordable for everybody, it’s changing that stigma of glasses being ugly and boring. Things havent just changed in the way we look and shop for our glasses,  the styles have caught up too! If you want to feel cool, fresh, sporty, classic, quirky – there really is a frame to suit all sides of your personality. We are not one dimensional as people l, so why should the accessory we see first on our face be?! That’s why even though they are only worn maybe worn once or twice a month, my Ingles frames may be my favourite pair. My personality piece when I am feeling great or my pick me up on a boring outfit when I’m blue. Yup, these guys were a must purchase!

My Ingles - Go big or go home
My Ingles – Go big or go home
My Ingles - How can you not feel sassy?
My Ingles – How can you not feel sassy?
My Ingles - Or like a cartoon character?!
My Ingles – Or like a cartoon character?!

It’s so easy to hate something you wear everyday, you become to resent it.  I mean, one pair of shoes don’t match every outfit, so why did glasses get tarred by that brush?   Having that eyewear wardrobe really does put the fun back into wearing specs and IOLLA really have made it easy with their stunning selection of affordable eyewear. Prescription sunglasses were always a put off for me as most designer styles had their stamp on the lense, so would cheapen when they were swapped for prescription. All other prescription sunglasses I’d seen just weren’t right for me, either not fitting my style – or budget! IOLLA made my Summer this year when they brought out a new range designed for sun wear. I ended up going for the IOLLA aviator – AKA Lennox – with a gold finish and brown tinted lenses. Now, they stay with me everywhere!

My Lennox - On the beach
My Lennox – On the beach
My Lennox - Watching bands at Primavera
My Lennox – Watching bands at Primavera
My Lennox - No need to squint, finally seeing in the sun
My Lennox – No need to squint, finally seeing in the sun

It’s no surprise that Clark Kent was unrecognisable as Superman, and that no one ever thought bespectacled Diana Prince could be Wonder Woman. No one recognises me with my glasses but with them on, they are my cape, my belt, my armour that makes me strong, powerful and well, me. Instead of this loud little girl riddled with insecurity, I look at my glasses and feel confident, empowered, like I’m in control. Now, who can say that about any other accessory? Be sure to visit IOLLA and fall in love with frames again, I’ll no doubt see you there!

forever yours betty


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