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It’s true what they say, there isn’t enough hours in the day. We all know what it’s like to be chasing our tail, managing busy schedules and to-do lists, so much so that our general happiness can be an afterthought. Maybe it’s lack of  sleep, not getting as much work done or even suffering through a bad hair day. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know that making time for your own happiness will probably be the best decision you will make.  With this in mind, I’ve been looking on the brightside this month with Emmi Caffe Latte, learning how I can make my days more YAY. Here are my life lessons…

image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

Go outside
Enjoying time al fresco is a great way to put some pep back in your step. Although we don’t all have the luxury of our own outdoor space, being one with nature can not only help us with that delicious Vitamin D, but can also lift our spirits by lifting the heart rate. I have yet to find a way of exercise that I enjoy more than walking, so with all this glorious weather we’ve been having of late I’ve been making a point of getting out there and soaking up some great outdoors. Even if it is just for 15-30 mins, you will feel the difference after, trust me.

A mid afternoon walk along the Clyde with my iced coffee #MakeItAYayDay
A mid afternoon walk along the Clyde with my iced coffee and fab nails  #MakeItAYayDay

Treat yo Self
There really isn’t a better feeling than treating yourself. Whether it be a trip to the salon, the shops or a mani pedi, or even a mid-afternoon pick me up Caffe Latte-style, investing time for you is so important for your own self worth and well being. Who says there needs to be an occasion? Whether it’s grabbing a girlfriend or flying solo, treating yourself will fill you with happiness in ways no present ever could. It’s you telling you, you did good. You go girl!

Feeling amazing with my new hair, nails and lipstick! #MakeItAYayDay
Feeling amazing with my new hair, nails and lipstick! #MakeItAYayDay

Wear yourself happy.

Life is all about choices, and something that really helps pick me up is flinging on a favourite piece of my wardrobe. Usually bright in colour, it makes me feel more confident and generally happy! Forgetting whatever brought me down, its me who is picking myself up. Well, with the help of my closet of course!

Wearing my new favourite Monki dress on an afternoon stroll with my fella #MakeItAYayDay
Wearing my new favourite Monki dress on an afternoon stroll with my fella #MakeItAYayDay

Happy Tunes
Just try to keep that frown upside down while listening an upbeat song! Emmi have even made it easier by creating a new customisable Spotify playlist system where you can automatically YAY your playlists! Cool right?  Jamming out can help reduce stress and since you are choosing your feels, this leads to greater happiness than simply listening for the sake of listening. So, the next time you pump up the volume, keep that positive intention in mind — you may just find yourself with a cheeser, and an air guitar!

Dancing like nobody's watching on a Sunday afternoon at Glasgow's Botanic's #MakeItAYayDay
Dancing like nobody’s watching on a Sunday afternoon at Glasgow’s Botanic’s #MakeItAYayDay

Let it go
OK, I know it’s easier said than done, and is still a work in progress for me but letting go of the stuff that doesn’t matter can and will boost overall happiness. Even just making a point to detach yourself from mistakes, worries, and regrets may lead to lighter times on your shoulders. We all know that it isn’t healthy to hang onto hurt and resentment but it can be the toughest to let go, but not doing so marks you deciding to continue the suffering. Make the choice to be happy by forgiving people who hurt you and moving away from situations from your past that brought you down. Concentrate on the things and people you love and love you, your next holiday, your next night out. Smile, it’s over now and a happier you is on the way. YAY!

Who cares that I need to work 6 days this week? My new holiday Pom Pom sandals arrived #MakeItAYayDay
Burning out? It’s ok, pom pom sandals are saying holidays are coming!  #MakeItAYayDay

When we’re little, we’re taught to recognise and celebrate all the happy feels — and it’s no wonder. Not only is happiness one of the most positive emotions we can experience, but being happy is also the key to a fulfilled, healthy life. (We’ve all seen ‘Inside Out‘, right?) While sometimes of course, sadness is outside our control, and that’s ok too! Just make sure you make tiny life choices that will perk up your day, whether it be a doughnut for breakfast, a trip to the beach or even just people watching with an iced cold Caffe Latte. Do it for you, make today a YAY day.

Find some more spontaneous and fun ideas to fill your day over at Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE . You can also share your YAY moments with #MakeItAYayDay on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram to join in the fun!

forever yours betty

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Emmi CAFFÈ LATTES.

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