It’s not the first time I’ve proclaimed my feels for the co-ord, but my love grows stronger when its fate that brings items together.  The co-ord has came a long way from matching your shoes to your handbag, but embracing matching prints is the fast track way to turning an everyday outfit into something much fancier.


The trend has been around before Stepford Wives made it famous, with every high street brand now doing a little short and crop combo across the world. As it progresses, it’s moving into matching clothing with accessories and not just buying pre made and matched. It’s about adding some creating some sort of togetherness that makes items look like they were made for each other, like my gingham vintage shirt and my new Jump from Paper handbag.


As soon as I spotted the accidental coord, I knew I needed to get them on together. I’m all about playing with fashion and there’s nothing more playful than matching your new 2D bag to an outlandish vintage shirt. Freaky to some and must have for others, Jump from Paper bags manage to play with colour and prints in a way we have never seen before. The picnic print is super cute for spring, and no, no one has slipped you some hallucinogenics!


Matching up your own separately bought co-ord is easier than it sounds. Firstly don’t go overboard; you do not need to match the entire ensemble. Matching one piece with another is more than enough to perfect the trend, keeping the rest neutral or complimentary to the bass colour. Of course this ment I kept it simple with some classic skinnies and my go to perspex heeled booties, finishing the look off with my suede fringe jacket. Worn with the gingham and the gorgeous 70’s style collar, it made me feel like a cowboy, which is something I always enjoy styling to.

Jacket & Shirt: Vintage, Jeans: GAP, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Jump from Paper

What I love about finding random printed co ords, is that 9/10 you end up with two very classic pieces for your wardrobe. So I recommend if you find something that matches a piece in your wardrobe, or see a ready made coord that takes your fancy,  you gotta go for it. Really it’s three outfits in one — split apart or worn together. It really is a special trick to make you look way more fancy than a regular non matching combo. Will you be mixing and matching your co ords?

Thanks to Laura for the pics!

forever yours betty

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