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Now that we are officially in December, not only are we on the hunt for those perfect presents for our loved ones, but we are also looking into how we can deal with this redic weather. During this time, we find ourselves piling on the accessories — usually defaulting to the either the warmest, most sparkly or interesting pieces to jooje (sp?) up your outfit. Getting dressed to the nines during the most festive season of the year doesn’t necessarily mean the brightest of baubles are always the best option. I love pieces that tell a story and that is exactly what Helen Ruth’s new scarf collection is all about.


Named  “Lore of the Land.”  Helen takes her inspiration from dark Scottish history and highland folklore; drawing influence from such legends including Pictish maidens, Selkies, Stone Circles and deals with the devil.  A girl after my own heart, she steers clear of Christmas cheer with a more sombre tone towards Scottish fairy tales, with the fantastical and the bittersweet woven into the threads of the designs. With tales of land and sea, Helen does what she does best by twisting deliciously dark collections of Scottish storytelling into a visual display printed onto luxurious silks.  Now, let’s look at some of the stories shall we?

Daughter-of-the-Picts-knot (1)

Daughter of the Picts  £155.00

“Painted Pictish maidens and carved standing stones. The  Maiden Stone stands at the foot of Bennachie Hill in Aberdeenshire.”


Underworld £165.00

“Pictish maidens and Pixies frolick in the underworld of tree roots and insects.”


Blood Moon £190.00

Pictish stone circles, illustrated maidens, and Scottish wildlife drenched in the light of the Blood Moon.


Two Sisters £155.00

“Inspired by a melancholy Scottish folk tale of two sisters and their sorry fate, surrounded in Selkie mythology and sea life.”


Mermaid £165.00

“Sleepy Mermaids lounge in a watery slumber amongst seashells and tentacles.”


Frolick £115.00

Pictish maidens and fairy creatures frolick amongst the standing stones and Scottish wildlife.

I find it hard to believe that I am only now hearing some of these stories which were penned in my own back yard. Normally passed on by song, Scottish Folklore can now be passed via beautiful scarves, from mythical selkies, the seal people who shed their skins to come on land, to the maiden who made a deal with the devil and got turned to stone, “Lore of the Land” is a deliciously dark collection of some of Scotland’s little known local legends. With prices starting from £115, Helen Ruth’s latest collection truly captures the fantastical with just the right touch of darkness. What’s your favourite of Helen Ruth’s folklore? Get a closer look at the designs over on her website.

forever yours betty

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