It was only a matter of time before I jumped on the Olaplex bandwagon. Ever since Kim K talked about the secret serum that took her from black to blonde in one (weirdly healthy looking) swoop, I knew it would be worth a try, but what the hell is this haircare witchcraft? I went to BLOW to find out…


Basically it was all down to one man, two chemists and one dream – to create a product that would never, ever break hair again while hair colouring and a treatment that will rescue hair after years of abuse. If you don’t dream big right? I won’t bore you with a long chemistry lesson (mostly because I find it hard to understand myself) but in a nutshell, Craig Hawker, a world famous chemist created a new molecule that links broken bonds in hair back together again – HALLELLUH! Basically, when added into your colour or bleach, Opalax will magically protect your hair and prevent any breakage.  Not only that, tt will also repair the hair when used as a standalone treatment which is what I decided to do since I dye my hair DIY and the results were absolutely incredible.

IMG_3852.JPGYou know when there’s a lot of hype around a product that you run the risk of big disappointments, there was none of that with Olaplex. One simple molecule. One simple ingredient. Nothing simple about its effects. My hair has been subject to constant dying over the last three years, so my ends were pretty broken, dry and damaged. Olaplex literally transformed my hair back to the way it used to feel before my mum let me touch it with colour. Not only that, it made it feel thicker, stronger and sit nicer also! Pretty much the best hair day ever.


Prices seem to be varying from £50 – £100 for a treatment but BLOW is sitting at the bottom end of the price tag which means it’s even better value for money. Your purse may be mad at you, but your hair will make it up to you by being super glossy and fabulous. Will you be trying Olaplex?

forever yours betty

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  1. Great post! Absolutely love your writing style and your hair is an incredible colour, unfortunately would never be able to pull it off with my Indian roots haha x

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