Everyone has that one friend who is anti Christmas. Maybe anti isn’t the right word because who doesn’t like presents and eating food? No one that’s who, but being indifferent to Christmas is just as big a task as celebrating it with open arms. It’s everywhere. In every advert, in every twinkly light and in every “are you ready for the holidays?” you are asked when bumping into people on said festive street. Shopping for a grinch is a tough job so I have put together some of my favourite independent purchases that may make them sounds (cynically of course) grateful this Winter. 


First up, we have returning local lovely Karen Mabon and her mischievous clowns! Clowns get a bad rep – but they aren’t all evil! Some are oh so pretty and would look adorable worn over a shit and fluffy jumper. Karen’s limited edition Pierrot Clown necklaces are available in Pistachio & Ebony and not a Christmas bauble in sight! ( £25 )


For the art and fashion lover, you can pick up a little piece of Scottish Fashion History in these limited edition, hand-signed illustration prints by Jacob Birge and Saunt & Sinner exlsuviely made for their collections for Crave magazine. ( Were £45. Now £20. ) For the slightly larger spend, check out the Crave Collections SAMPLE SALE for something to REALLY put a smile on your grinches face. That Obscure Couture gown though….


Most of my coats have their very own novelty brooch which sets up camp on a lapel. Give the gift of great accessorising with this adorable  Lady Grey brooch from Runaway Fox and you’ll be the talk of the tea party.


For something a little more personal, why not go down the custom route? My Betty ring is probably one of my favourite possessions and I’m sure there is a private joke (or seven) which could be shared onto your BFF’s ring or necklace! The world is your custom Bonnie Bling oyster.


For pretty much every secret santa from work to play there are these amazing Fan Club pins from Lala Land. I mean, just look at them! Priced at just £5 why not get a few?! I’ll take Ron Swanson, Dolly, Twin Peaks and Tacos please…


Keep the rain off in style with the new WATERPROOF Hollyhood Glasgow. I am absolutely in love with the new collection from my beloved Chouchou, in my opinion her chic’est yet! Make your gift practical and help upgrade every outfit in one swoop!


My last Winter Gift Guide pick goes to one of my new Instagram finds, the adorable Knickerocker. Her hand appliquéd tops, knickers and mini dresses are too cute for words and will make any grinch smile before they knew it was even Christmas, plus, DOUGHNUTS!!!!


Show your ginchy just how much you really kind of don’t care, but actually do this Chrsitmas! Any of these would turn any festive frown upside down, just remember to go rogue – no festive wrapping paper required! 

forever yours betty


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