You know the drill, Christmas is coming and along with all the presents, food preparations and drink celebrations, you STILL need to find some cash to vamp yourself up for a Christmas night out, or five. So what’s the point of purchasing that sparkly dress you’ll wear once and repurchase next year when you can spend the same and  get a few essentials that will get you through the season, and into 2015 with a BANG! Here are five things I’d spend my money on instead…


Essential #1 – Sewlomax Lipstick Clutch: We know I have a deep love for novelty bags. This year they have been hotter than ever, quirking up any outfit faster than you can say GIMMIE! This Red Lipstick number from indie brand and oh so cute Sewlomax has to be one of my favourites yet. I’m a lipstick’o’holic and black, red and gold is just about as festive as I get. An absolute STEAL at £15 too. Now, how many lipsticks can you fit in a lipstick bag….

IMG_1898 (1)

Essential #2 – Opera Gloves: Well these are a thowback eh? Since spotting a girl rocking them with a band tee at LFW I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair. They add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit from played down with jeans to vamped up with a textured knit. Who can resist a regulation Lolita?! As these are a more of a trend piece, I got mine from Ebay’s China finest and making sure they are not real leather was a MUST for me. Oh and they keep your hands warm…of course! Best £4 I’ve spent all year.


Essential #3: Nazteck Phone Charger: If I know Christmas nights out, I know that a majority of it will be spent taking incriminating photos of your colleagues or praying that your 2% lasts until you finish your call to your already late taxi driver. Portable phone chargers seem to be ten a penny nowadays and after buying a cheap one that failed on me after a month, it was time to invest in something a little studier and more reliable. Lets face it, it has become VERY clear that we can’t rely on our apple products holding battery, that would just be silly….


Essential #4: Smashbox Primer: It took me a while to get on the Primer bandwagon (I know, I know) but now after finding one I like it’s hard to see life without it. Now my make up stays on from dusk till dawn and then some. Not only that but it genuinely gives your skin that photo finish meaning no shine in the photos! You woke up like this? (Naw, just Primer) FLAWLESS!


Essential #5: Lime Crime’s Venus Pallet: Right so Doe Deere may be my unofficial style icon, but when she first gave us a glimpse of this new ‘Grunge’ pallet it was everything I could have wanted and more from an eyeshadow. As I have previously admitted, I am a bit of a shit girl when it comes to make up. I found refuge in a gold glittery lid most days when I couldn’t muster the strength for eye liner, until now. Now all the doors have opened (and painted)  with this easy to use, pigmented as hell rust and bruised fruit colours of the gothy rainbow and the options are endless. You need to be quick to grab one of these babies, my girl Bee pretty much picked mine up from the black market after me fawning over it’s release. I’ve been playing around with different colour combinations with this brush set from Real Techniques which have done me oh so well so far. Who knew there is actually a use to each brush in there?! Not me! Well, until now! I think once you find something you really love, you make the time to play with it and figure out how to get the best use from it.

I could’nt or wouldn’t want to do December parties without any of these babies. What’s you festive must haves?

forever yours betty

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  1. I do love an over the top festive dress but these picks are also rather fabulous. The SewLomax clutch is complete winner in my eyes. Hx

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