When Clinique asked me and Bee to a private party within a terrace house during the Edinburgh Fringe we apply didn’t quite know what to payday 2 expect. Stepping out of a taxi and advance payday seeing apricot tape lead the way to a garden full of orange balloons, fun flavoured drinks and payday loans even more props completely sent us away into our very online payday loan own tangerine dream…

photo 2 (38) There is probably no where in the world that is laughing harder than Edinburgh right now. The cream of the comedy crop have set up camp for the legendary Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Clinique of course wanted to celebrate with everything HAPPY! Hosted by the lovely Rachel Tyson and Gemma Cairney this was a house party like no other. Think BBC Radio DJ’s, fringe performers and orange accents as far as the eye could see. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a pop-up pep-up parlour to try out all the latest Chubby Sticks colours, not to mention a hilarious performance by singing comedy duo Frisky and Mannish. Rachel-Tyson--Gemma-Cairney--tatler-15aug14_james-glossop_b_600x400 Frisky-and-Mannish--tatler-15aug14_james-glossop_b_600x400 I honestly think this party was where happiness http://paydayloansusca.com/ goes to die. When I say everything was orange I ment it, each cocktail, each snack down to the cheesy Wotsit. Myself and Bee were joined by two of our favourite (for that night, gingers) Lynne and Ruth from Crave Magazine. It was great to have a laugh and some gossip, escape the real world and live life through orange tinted glasses. photo 4 (19)photo 1 (36)photo 5 (18)photo 5 (17)photo 4 (18)   I wore one half direct payday lenders of the outfit payday the heist I created for the St Enoch Shopping Challenge for Scotcampus (post coming soon) and online payday loans felt like it was the perfect outfit for a spin on the dance floor and across all those Edinburgh cobbles! The whole night flet like an empowering ode to women. what is a payday loan From the payday loans in ny DJ spinning girl power tunes to the incredible people you would meet at every turn. If you have payday 2 masks a chance to make it to Edinburgh during the Fringe I cannot recommend it enough, there is an electric atmosphere around the city and you can’t help but be infected by it. Thank you Clinique for making my night more than just a Happy Hour!

forever yours betty

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