I have always struggled to do that whole ‘effortlessly casual look’ that so many girls can wear with ease. There is such a fine line between scruffy and casual and I have never been able to get the balance just right, well until now so it seems!

photo 1 (2) I cannot tell you how much ripping these jeans saved them from the depths of my wardrobe. They have been gathering mothballs the ‘i’ll wear it someday’ drawer and only came out for an upcyclying event for Love Your Clothes. Now these denims haven’t just seen the light of day but also keep getting better with every wash! I cant take the credit for them, they were customised by my Miss Chouchou herself while I was busy Dalmation-ing up a crop jacket. I’m thinking I will need to give it a whirl myself on another old pair, or perhaps I’ll give bleaching a go? photo 2 (4) I matched the distressed denim with a staple grey tee from Primark. These ‘boyfriend’ tees are an absolute godsend and look great with skirts or trousers and at the bargain price of £3, who could argue with that? I have been reaching straight for my Hayley Scanlan PVC bomber where I used to go never stray far from my leather biker. I love the shiny PVC and the longer length and the sports luxe edge it gives to most looks. photo 5 (3)photo 3 (5) To get the perfect ‘smart casual’ look I pulled out an old pair of Zara T Bar heels in a gorge metallic silver to pull out the grey and the shine in the bomber. These made the jeans look so expensive, it crazy how a pair of shoes can completely lift a whole look. photo 1 (3)photo 3 (4) Since London fashion Week back in February, I have been on the hunt for the perfect witches hat but it turned out to be the Goldilocks of tasks; too big, too small, too wide, too difficult! It goes to show that somethings are ment to be, when I thought I forgot about my need for the perfect wide rimmed black hat, it pretty much came to me while wandering round Braehead on a Sunday afternoon with my mum. She was juuust right and now I never want to take her off! photo 2 (3)   Shoes – Zara | Jeans – Topshop (customised) | Tee – Primark | Bomber – Hayley Scanlan | Hat – Topshop | Glasses – Pretavoir It is weird that this whole look is made up of items I get so much wear out of but have never paired up before. Has your wardrobe ever surprised you? forever yours betty

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