I can’t quite believe I’m just writing about this but a couple of months ago myself, Bee and Honey Pop were asked to get involved in a UK wide Beauty Project for retailer giant Selfridges. To even be asked to work with one of my favourite luxury stores was exciting enough, but the thing that really made my tummy flip was the concept, Beauty I See You Everywhere.

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In early 2014, Selfridges commissioned director Kathryn Ferguson as their ‘Filmmaker in Residence’ with a brief to write and create some short films highlighting the broad spectrum of beauty reflected in the UK today. For this particular film, Selfridges wanted to explore what is buried inside beauty subcultures and we were lucky enough to be included within the representation – cover screen and all!

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We were first interviewed within the comfort of Bee’s home before hiking it up to one of our favourite spooky and beautiful haunts – the Glasgow Metropolis. What can I say? Once wee mad goffs, always wee mad goffs.

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In the making of the film, the crew asked us questions like what beauty means to us, why we dye our hair and what makes Glasgow beautiful, really the simple answer we all gave is beauty is however you choose to express yourself. I lived my whole life as a natural blonde before taking the plunge into ginger. I was always pretty scared about ruining what I had but I felt like my original colour no longer reflected who I was or my personal style. I look quite like my Aunt who is a lucky natural ginge so I knew I would suit the colour,  it was just a matter of shade I had to figure out for myself. After MANY a trial and error I have managed to create my own mix to create a shade of orange I love. I am not a trained hairdresser but I actually find if you do it yourself you have more power to create something EXACTLY what you want. I get asked a lot what my mix is but the long and short answer is a little bit of everything. If you experiment and try a few things, you will  find a mix perfect for your hair type. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

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I have always been a bit of a ‘shit girl’ when it comes to make up and constantly rope in friends to help glamorise me pre night out. Don’t get me wrong, I am now a complete master at the classic flick OR subtle eyes and bold lips but that my friends, are the only two looks I got.  I have however developed a slight obsession with nails over the past year or so, but the talent in Glasgow can take all the credit for that….

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In Glasgow there are only two ladies who I let touch my nails; Swoon and DIY Nails. You will have heard me speak of them both before as they are now considered good friends but my goodness can these girls create something magic on small spaces! For the film Honey Pop and I both sported some DIY Nail Decals including the Five a Day set and the absolutely wonderful collaboration with Nail legend Nancy McNails. Nancy is based in Essex so if I have yet to complete my quest in getting her to move to Glasgow, I’d get in touch and ask for her next appointment pronto! Hope you enjoy the film as much as I do.

Beauty, I see you everywhere.

forever yours betty

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