Do you remember when charity shops used to be good? Literally half my wardrobe used to come from the good ol’ chazza but recently I have noticed prices have sky rocketed. Gone are the days of pickin up a wee shirt for a few quid, in are the days of buying last season Topshop for a fiver more than their sale price. Then along came Glad Rags Thift

Glad Rags Thift logo

Artwork by Create 48

I live in Glasgow’s West End where coffee and vintage shops are ten a penny and well priced Charity Shops are a Great Western myth. The South Side have really upped their quirky boutique, restaurant and charity shop game, so much so that I can’t remember my last jaunt where I didn’t return with a full belly and a swinging carrier bag. Glad Rags Thrift opened it’s doors in early January, sitting right next to the lovely Glad Cafe on Pollockshaws Road. The shop fits offers quality second hand clothing, shoes, accessories, books and vinyl. What makes them extra fabulous is that they are a completely not for profit organisation, with all pennies going to the Glad Foundation which provides affordable music tuition and workshops for young people in the local area. I need to say, it has only been open for a few months and the bargains I have found have been INSANE!# 20140306-232302.jpg

Glasses: Miu Miu from Pretavoir, Coat: Glad Rags Thrft, Cashmere Polo: Glad Rags Thrift, Trousers: Topshop, Necklace: Primark, Shoes: Zara, Handbag: Miu Miu

donations glad rags Back at my first visit I purchased this incredible Bebaroque esque embellished top for A FIVER! It has been in lockdown at Bee’s house since London Fashion Week but can’t wait to get a photae of it to share! I got half of the above outfit from Glad Rags and not only were they amazing bargains at great quality, but they were BANG on trend for the season! First up we have this STUNNING cornflower blue cashmere polo neck. It actually feels like a cloud and went perfectly with the matching blue vintage raincoat which was something I litterally grabbed for the window. It was the perfect pairing with navy cigarette pants, silver T bars and my Miu Miu doctors bag for the Spring Summer Preview for House of Fraser. 20140306-232339.jpg I have binbags full of clothes which I no longer wear that I have been clinging onto the past year. I think there is something extra special about Glad Rags as you know exactly where the money is going after you walk out with your purchase, pretty much right round the corner from your house! Giving clothes to charity shops shouldn’t be something you could do, it is something you should do. Not only will your donation/spending help some wee kiddie get into music but also imagine you were that last season Cos dress, it’s not her fault that she never fit you right and you still bought it! It is our responsibility to make sure that good clothes get worn and fulfil their fashion destiny! I do realise that makes me a little crazy, but it is also the same reason I find it hard to look at Toys that have been left unopened (yea, thanks Toy Story!) photo (9) Glad Rags also created a short film collaboration with Create 48 and Mr Webster Film for the launch of the store. The film uses projections from their #gladtags project, which they asked the tweeting public for fashionable, motivational phrases – including ones from Betty! They generated an installation from with MAKLab which is up and around the shop, and also currently up and running in The Glad Cafe, this is the film that goes with it! When was the last time you donated to a charity shop? Have you visited the new Glad Rags Thift shop? 20140216-232738.jpg Follow on Bloglovin  

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  1. I live up road but haven’t had a minute to visit it yet. Need to try this weekend. I also have millions of clothes looking for a new home, so that’s as good a place as any to donate to x

  2. You’ll need to let me know when your donating! I’ll be down south like a SHOT!!!! You’ll love it there, good wee vinyl collection too! Xx

  3. I can’t believe I’ve missed this being such a charity/vintage bargain hunter & living on the south side. I need this shop in my life. Taking a trip asap! The coat is gorgeous. Thanks for your post!
    el xo


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