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Double denim is something that I have tried and failed to accomplish on many occasions. I either end up looking like some sort of cowgirl reject or an extra from a bad reality TV show. Last week I popped down to Gap in Glasgow for a Sunday Brunch, and finally found how I can work with the trend, this is how I got on.


Jeans always have and always will be a horrible experience for me. If twitter has told me anything it is that I am not the only girl in the world with a small waist and a big arse, so why is it  shops do not cater for this within their many denim ranges? After trying on ALL of the jeans Gap had to offer, I walked out feeling disheartedend that the ‘best jeans ever’ could never fit into my wardrobe. My mind still boggles that stores still do runs of extra low rise jeans, you  could see the top of my bum before I even sat down! I feel it cheapens the look of what is a lovely pair of jeans, doesn’t need to be high rise all the time but sometimes I see denims which should come with a PG rating. I did however completely fall for the oh so dreamy Acid Wash denim shirt, come at me!

gap denim

GAP Acid Wash Denim Boyfriend Shirt 

The collar is nice an starched, so sits wonderfully while  buttoned or open and worn as a lightweight jacket. Since trying the outfit on, I am trying to re-accomplish this look with another pair of denims. I usually just have to go with ‘the best from a bad bunch’ but i am now on a mission to find some great fitting jeans at a reasonable price. These are the ones I am thinking of giving a try..

I went to the ASOS High Summer Press Day the other day and was overjoyed to see their lovely high waisted jeans calling on me when I walked through the door. They felt the perfect balance of stretchy and thick with appropriately sized pockets on the bum. I am loving that they have brought them out in a variety of colours and styles too like these distressed ones below.  The lovely girls from ASOS recommended trying any pair from their Ridley  but these are teasing me to give them a try!

fairleigh ripped jeans


ASOS Farleigh High Waist with Vintage Wash

 Levi Curve is something I have been intrigued about for some time. Finally a brand notices there is a huge gap  in the market – and at the back of our jeans – so they made a collection for those ‘hard to fit’ bodyshapes. I love the sound of this so I’m planing to go into the Glasgow store for a try on sesh next time I’m passing, not holding my breath though, I’ve left tears in those changing rooms before…



I had a little voucher from River Island for a wee 25% off, so I thought I’d give them a try since Honey Pop swears by them! I ended up jumping into a pair of their Lana Jeans. These were a total bargain for £25 but as always I had the problem of being inbetween sizes. I ended up going for the slightly smaller pair as there is NOTHING worse than some baggy knees on your skinny jeans! I will be however wearing some long tops on the first few wears till these babies stretch out. Definitely worth a shot!

lana river island

Here’s how they looked with my new Gap shirt! Finished off the look with my favourite new Glad Rags raincoat, Miu Miu from Pretavoir Cat Eyes and eggs and bacon Karen Mabon scarf, and I’m all set! I really am keen on getting me some distressed denims like the Gap ones though!

After posting my double denim look I was recommended to try Old Navy jeans from fellow blogger Transatlantic Blonde. I am a bit more weiry to pay this kind of money for jeans I haven’t tried on before, but the search the perfect pair has really got me tempted! I found out that this is Gap’s sister company so unsure how these will actually fit me.  Please pass the love, have you tried Old Navy and where did you get your favourite jeans?



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