September. How did that happen? September means one thing in Glasgow City Centre, que a plethora of Night Club Hoodies and excited young creatures on a mission to get mad wi it before school officially starts – give a warm welcome to The Freshers.


Scotcampus have joined forces with St Enoch Centre in creating an exclusive Freshers’ Festival Shopping Event on the 19th of September, and to celebrate I was given £30 to see how I would spend it. As it  turns out I’ve grown up a fair bit because no, I didn’t go spend the full whack in the Tesco booze isle, seems like my only concern is making sure I’m kept stylishly toastie..

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I think you could hazard a guess as to what my favorite shop is within the St Enoch Centre, H&M is my go to, fail safe best pal of stores. From basics to their Trend Range H&M will always guarantee you good quality clothing for a fair price during these skint student times. This season,  texture is massive and I seem to be getting obsessed with it this A/W13! My first purchase was this lovely fluffy jumper, which since buying on Saturday Ive hardly had off (goes perfectly with jammies) at only £9.99 a must have for keeping toasty and touch worthy!

photo 4(1)


Jumper – H&M £9.99, Topshop Pleather Skirt, Shoes M&S, Necklace £4 H&M

I finished the look off with a little beaded necklace from the sale at just £4, a statement necklace is also something worth a purchase. Worn with shirts or a simple tee it can add a wee bit a glam to any outfit. The second part of the challenge was a little bit difficult when working into a budget, but a secret of Swollocks is always worth a swatch when those purse strings are tight. No I’m not talking sale rack, I’m talking Kids Section.

photo 3(1)

Jumper – H&M Kids £5.99, Topshop Jeans, Office Shoes

The H&M kids section is where hipster maws go to cluck. It is a haven of kitsch fabrics, cartoon characters and amazing mini versions of key trends. When I saw these two Murkus Lupfer style jumpers in the boys 2-8 years section I was sold – if they fit. I took the pair to the changing room, and with a little sound effect coming from each garment I cheered being thankful for the cropped trend! Putting these on make me so happy, kids sometimes get the best of things, definitely always worth a try – even if you run the risk of the humiliating situation of getting stuck in a Frog print tee shirt….

photo 5

Fox Jumper £5.99 H&M Kids, H&M Skirt, Clarks Shoes

I had £4 left of my budget and ended up going for a lovely gold eye shadow palette from H&M’s own make up range. This is my first purchase from the collection so looking forward to see how it lasts. I was pretty pleased with all of my purchases, and cant believe i got so much for £30! Although I’ve already got so much wear from my fluffy jumper, the Fox Jumper really does make me so happy to wear – as you can see! What would you buy in St Enoch Centre for £30? Head on down on the 19th of September from 12 – 9 for all the free things a fresher can muster!


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  1. Haha! Lets just say that stretch wool is my friend! That and not being blessed with any bust of note! Could have got away with at least an age 12 but toit like a fox it is! xx

  2. Tremendously gutted I cannae find that fluffy beast online.

    I am nutty for the fluffy too.

    Will need to pain the agoraphobia to get thus ’cause it’s too darn cute! X

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