Today I came into work – quite the thing – and as soon as I sat down at my desk the phone rang. It was the other half of the Office AKA The Dada Burds (and Chris) ringing to tell me that my One Month One Dress Challenge had made the papers! AAAH!


When Bev Lyons called me last week for a chat over the phone she said she wasn’t sure if it would go ahead so I took it with a pinch of salt. I spilled my guts about my Primark Bargains, my horrendous time keeping and several hangover moments – not thinking all would grace the page but it’s a true reflection of what I was wearing and getting up to! To see my wee photo diary slapped across the page was quite surreal but here’s hoping it gets me some much needed donations to beat my second target of £500  for SANE. (click here to donate or text BETY90 £x to 70070)


Yesterday was a great wee day for One Month One Dress also. I was sent a precious leather kitten collar from We are the Robots. I complimented it last week and it was mandatory that I had it for OMOD just look at its wee face!!!


DAY 20: Cat Collar’d

Dress H&M | Top Peplum Polkadot top H&M | Kitten Collar We are the Robots | Shoes Office

Without noticing I did 2 polka dot days – different looks mind but I think the main thing I have learned from this challenge is that it is fair to say once I like something – I want ALL of it! Every colour, print – just aw of it – I mean I have purposefully been keeping away from peplums the past few days EVEN THOUGH there is more to come…I wonder which ones will make the cut!



Dress H&M | Polka Tshirt Topshop | Neon Necklace New Look | Boots H&M

Back to today, I was doing something I thought would never happen – I was going trainer shopping. When I walked into Sports Direct on Argyle St (yes, you read correctly people – Sports Shop!)  I think the wee man knew I didn’t belong there. He even laughed while saying “D’ye need a haun there?!” I replied “eh….is it that obvious?!” well, apparently it was…

After 35 minutes of browsing, trial and errors I was getting quite upset about the styles on offer in my price range, that was until he gave me those magic words of “haud own I’ll check the back’ and out came these wee beauties! £65 down to £29 “that’ll do the ticket!” I was well chuffed with my wee bargains and perfect for step one in my gym outfit building.


21DAY 21: Betty’s #onemonthonedress does ‘Sportwear’

Dress H&M | Polo Tee Vivienne Westwood | Cardi Vivienne Westwood | Gold Shoes Topshop

I know it sounds sad but knowing that I was trainer shopping today made me want to theme todays attire. Yes, wearing one dress for one month brings me to this. I thought I’d bring out the old Westwood two piece from when I worked there. Not wore them together in years! however I still get good use of the cardi. Polo’s have never been my thing – neither is the whole sportswear trend but this is about as Sporty as i get!

It seems tones of my friends have started that ‘The Gym’ on Argyle Street so never one to be left out of a good bit of girly clucking I thought it was high time I gave it a go. I have joined three separate gyms in the past but only ever actually been within two.. I think the key to this membership’s success is peer pressure. Watch this space – Betty’s getting FIRM!








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