17.11.11. Remember this date. Versace is coming to H&M.

Hot on the heels of Lady GaGa’s announcement that she will be wearing exclusively Versace on tour.today, They announced that we commoners can do the same thing…


Their statement reads that the collection will be glamorous and flamboyant – everything Versace stands for, while also using archive pieces at cheap but chic prices. I’m just praying that they bring back the Medusa on their jewellery – nothing is more Versace than the Medusa. As for the clothing, I have a feeling we maybe heading back to the 80s with sharp shoulders and knitwear…


Or going all out and bringing out THOSE prints again, if so, I don’t quite think my curves could handle it but I would still be in that que in the pissin’ wet November rain.


What makes this date more exciting is the face that the collection will not just be ladies and menswear but will also include homeware. Yes. I can see it now, gold and leather cushions as far as the eye can see…..i can hardly contain myself…

hmmmmmm…..affordable quintessential Versace… I’ve already booked the day off….

Forever yours,


Betty xoxo

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